Case Study - Keep up the work

Keep up the work


Lead generation Agency

London, Hong Kong and Holland

Employee Count:
10 employees

Information Services

Service plan purchased:
Done for you appointment booking

Likelihood to recommend

Customer Support

Quality of Service

About the company:

Keep up the Work came to realize how much money and time companies spend on not only trying to find good agencies, but also comparing partners to one another, booking meetings and other related matters. They wanted to find a way to streamline this process, and thus Keep Up The Work was born. They have already partnered with +100 companies and with our broad and detailed knowledge of the growth industry, they can ensure that our support will enable you to find sustainable and long-lasting partnerships.

Their Painpoint:

Keep up the Work wanted to generate more scheduled meetings with interested prospects for their service in the UK, Europe and US.

Our Solution:

We provided a fully managed service under the Done for you Startup Pro plan, segmenting into 3 campaigns targeting senior decision makers in 1-10 size companies in the UK, US and Europe.

The Results:

In 1 month we generated over 30 qualified meetings using just 1 seat on LinkedIn and Email.